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How Computer Virus Removal can be done Manually and Automatically?

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How Computer Virus Removal can be done Manually and Automatically?

Viruses have been a common headache to all computer users. But we use computer on daily basis. Do you actually know how to get rid of viruses when you are facing these terrible intruders? Actually, as you read this blog, and get some knowledge about virus infection, you should know both ways to manually or automatically clear them. They are quite simple to remove if proper computer virus removal process is followed.

Are You facing Computer Virus?

If you are not sure about the computer virus harming your device, please verify it first. The common symptoms that verify the presence of virus are: computer running slow, coming across many unknown problems, displaying ads constantly, unnecessary reboots, or BSOD. In layman terms, an infected computer just runs awkwardly. If any of the above scenario occurs, your computer is definitely infected by virus. Just don’t get panic. Get it removed yourself.

Remove Viruses Automatically

The fastest and simplest approach to eliminate a computer virus is to scan the device with antivirus software. Surely, you require a  Computer Virus Removal application installed to save your computer device.

  1. Shut all running programs. Before scanning with antivirus software, please verify you have saved and closed all running programs, files and other apps. This is due to the fact that antivirus application requires reboot of computer device to disable any file of the virus. Simply, run a scan on computer with the antivirus application and uninstall the detected virus.
  2. Update antivirus software on regular basis. In order to handle the virus infections, reputed antivirus software must have an update on virus definitions on timely basis. So, before you run the Antivirus software, verify the virus definitions first.
  3. Find and eliminate computer virus. First run virus scan of your antivirus application to identify the computer virus or any other malevolent threats. Then, eliminate the computer virus and other malicious items.

Remove Viruses Manually

Usually, it is easy to remove the virus or other PC threats automatically with an Antivirus application. However, some people might apply both the computer virus removal approach. Well, it’s a great idea anyway. If you also like to know the manual method for virus removal, you can continue the following steps:

  1. Clear malicious files from Add/Remove Applications

A number of computer viruses get inside your device with the spyware applications, so you need to clear suspicious files from your computer device. Simply start your device in the Safe Mode by F8 key during the PC reboots. Next, open Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove. A list of all programs present on your machine will come. Find files associated with the virus or Spyware and uninstall them. In the meantime, you can check over internet to get a list of programs associated to a particular virus.

  1. Delete Virus Files

The list of files linked with a specific virus can be identified via the Internet. Next, you can just find these files on your device and uninstall them permanently.

  1. Delete unnecessary Registry Entries

Viruses insert some Registry entries when they get installed on your computer device. Again, find information from the net and clear these unnecessary entries to completely eliminate the virus from your computer.

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